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Why are "Shoe Guards" and "AIR Insole" essential for UNION x AJ4?

The UNION & Air Jordan collection that was released the other day.

The coloring of Guava Ice is limited to UNION, and UNION is only available in LA and TOKYO, so its value in the world is quite high.

Even at the current resale market, the Guava Ice color is quite expensive.

Quote: Monokabu

Looking at the details, the toe upper is made of mesh material, but the mat guard is made of thick and high-quality suede leather.

If you wear it without doing anything, the mesh material part is fine, but the wrinkles of the suede leather are conspicuous, and eventually it will cause the shape to collapse.

And the default insole is printed with the characters Jumpman and UNION, but the problem is the UNION character.

Those who are waiting may have noticed that this is printed in a very thin typeface, and it is easy to imagine that it will inevitably peel off immediately even if it can withstand walking once.

Tools to keep premier sneakers clean

KicksWrap's most popular products "Shoe Guards" and "AIR Insole" can solve the above problems.

"Shoe Guards" is a product that minimizes wrinkles on leather, including suede.

There are many similar products on the market, but only KicksWrap's "Shoe Guards" are available in M/L2 sizes and can accommodate sneakers up to 31cm.

"AIR Insole" replaces the existing insole to prevent the print from peeling and improve comfort and breathability.

Combined with the mesh material, there is no doubt that it will be comfortable to wear without stuffiness.

A product of KicksWrap is indispensable for a valuable moment.
In addition to the items introduced this time, KicksWrap has developed a wide variety of care and tool items for premier sneakers, so please try them once.

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