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yellowing removal

yellowing removal

[Be sure to read through to the end before applying ↓]
Professional cleaning service to remove yellowing from soles. Carefully apply a special yellowing agent to the construction area, take UV measures on the sneaker body, and then irradiate UV to remove the yellowing.
[Flow from application to completion of return]
①Please send us an image of the yellowing on both legs of the sneaker and the part you want to remove (midsole only or midsole and outsole) from the inquiry form .
(2) After confirming the degree of yellowing, we will contact you within 2 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) with a price plan (plans A to F) to apply for.
(3) 2 business days after the customer completes the application We will send you an email with the specified shipping address within (excluding weekends and holidays), so please send the sneakers at the customer's expense.
④ After the sneakers arrive at our store, we will send them back within 7 business days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, at the customer's expense.
*Clear soles (clear parts) and yellowing removal of Ultraboost soles are not supported.
*Sneakers can be used even if they are used, but if you apply for yellowing removal for D~F plan, please be sure to remove dirt, mud, glue, etc. from the heel and send it in a clean state. (It is also possible to add "outsole dirt remover" from the options below.)
*Please note that in the unlikely event that the product is sent in a state where the above construction is not possible, it may be returned at the customer's expense.

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"Waterproof Spray"をムラなく、丁寧に吹きかけ、防水・防汚加工を施します。


KicksWrapで1足分丁寧にラッピングします。(紫外線カットのKicksWrap Premiumご希望の場合+1320円)


面倒な紐通しをこちらで行います。スニーカーの 靴紐は通したまま、通して欲しい靴紐をスニーカーと一緒にお送りください。新品のスニーカーの紐通し対応のみも可能です。


面倒なインソール交換をこちらでAIR Insoleに入れ替えます。Shoe Guards 2.0を入れてお返しすることも可能です。



プレミアムスニーカークリーニング - KicksWrap®︎
プレミアムスニーカークリーニング - KicksWrap®︎

premium sneaker cleaning