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*OUTLET has no problem with the main unit, but it is an outlet product with an old package, damage to the package, or no package. If there is no package, there is no installation instruction, so please be sure to check HOW TO SOLE PLUS .
* A heat gun (sold separately) is required to use this product.

- Prevents the outsole from getting dirty or worn out by wearing outside.
・Prevents yellowing of the clear sole due to aging.

*We do not recommend using MID soles or soles with a small area where the film sticks, as the film can easily peel off from the sole.
*SOLE PLUS is a consumable item. Depending on the method and frequency of use, holes, cracks, and tears may occur in the film.
*If you are using "SOLE PLUS" for the first time, please be sure to check the installation instructions and "HOW TO SOLE PLUS" on the back of the package.
*Quantity 1 = ・SOLE PLUS x 2 ・Anti-slip sheet x 4 (for 1 pair of sneakers)
*Compatible with sneakers up to 30cm

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