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Why is "Deodorant Shoe Keeper" recommended for sneakerheads among many shoe keepers?

Aftercare after wearing sneakers.

Remove dirt with an eraser or mitt, and moisturize and oil with leather cream. If it was raining, spray a waterproof spray to prevent dust and water. There are a wide variety of approaches to care from the outside, and there are countless ways to do it if you want to take care of it.

Have you ever been conscious of "care from the inside" ?

Why care from the inside is also important

After wearing sneakers, there will be a lot of wrinkles and loss of shape .

Especially if you are sensitive to apparel, the silhouette is an important factor that also affects the sense of volume.
Deodorant Shoe Keeper is recommended to keep that silhouette.

In addition to supporting a wide range of sizes from WMNS size to BIG size, this plastic shoe keeper is equipped with a deodorant antibacterial sheet that is indispensable for the upcoming sneaker care scene.

By arranging ventilation holes in the main body of the shoe keeper, the effect of the antibacterial deodorizing seal spreads to the upper part.

By applying moderate tension from the inside to the outside of the sneaker, wrinkles are smoothed out after wearing and the important silhouette of the sneaker is maintained.

Although it is effective enough for normal natural leather, it is extremely effective for patent leather, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is essential for enamel materials that lose their shape remarkably.

Why don't you try the one and only shoe tree that was created with consideration for "care from the inside" that is indispensable for sneaker heads?

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