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Introducing 3 cases of stains and materials that "Utility Eraser" was surprisingly effective

Have you already used the epoch-making new product "Utility Eraser" , which has a brushed material for the black side and a single eraser for the sole side, canvas, leather, etc. for the white side?

Those who actually use it and those who do not

[How much dirt can be removed? ]

And many of you may be wondering.

So, is it possible to remove various stains on the three pairs of sneakers prepared this time? I would like to actually verify and deliver the results with videos and images

Case 1: Oily AJ1 heel? spot like

Dirt on the heel of the AJ1.
I was a little hesitant because I thought it was an oily stain, but when I rubbed it hard, it came off.
Dirt around the heel tends to get dirty when driving or rubbing against the stairs.
It seems that it will be useful even in such a case.

Case 2 : AJ2 plastic parts

I also used it for AJ2 plastic parts.
It wasn't something special that I had soiled, but even though I thought I was wearing it cleanly, it was hidden before I knew it.
I think you can see in the video that only the rubbed part is clearly white.

The one on the left is rubbed, and the one on the right is not rubbed. You can tell the difference in whiteness without saying it, and the difference is clearer in real life than in the photo.
This subtle difference creates a one-tone bright impression when worn, so it should be important.
If you care about the color and choose your outfit, this tone difference should be more noticeable.
It is also highly effective in removing stains from bright plastic parts.

Case 3 : Dirt trapped in the fibers of the LeBron X ICON

LeBron x ICON was run over by a carrying case...
I cried inside... Lol The troublesome thing about this is that the upper has stitches and dirt gets into the fibers.
To be honest, I rubbed it to the extent that I was lucky if it fell, but ↓

Surprisingly, it dropped quite a bit.
This is the point of rubbing.
Rub along the grain of the fiber.
The procedure is the same as matching the grain of a tatami mat.


At the beginning of its release, it was released under the general purpose of "removing dirt on the midsole and upper", but if you rub it in various ways, it will remove quite a lot of dirt.
It wasn't in the picture, but it was cloudy visible air.
Try rubbing this with white.
Could it be interesting...?

Even if you don't have one yet, it's very economical at 600 yen per bottle, so we recommend that you get one.
If you purchase from KicksWrap, shipping is free for purchases over 5,000 yen, so we recommend buying in bulk with other products.

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