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Not just NIKE! Leave the cleaning of high brand sneakers to us!

The theme this time is cleaning.
What can I say, I am a repeat customer of online service .
Thank you very much for every time. Actually, I have ordered sneaker cleaning with the Premium plan before.
Mr. K Thank you as always. Please leave this time to us.
▼ The right cleaning method that you can see
This time, it is a sneaker from L'AUTRE CHOSE, a luxury women's brand.
We are really happy about the request for premier sneakers, but the increase in requests for ordinary sneakers like this (ordinary sneakers worn by people who don't like sunnies) is also spreading to the general public. Evidence, isn't it?
Let's start by checking the status.
The midsole will inevitably get dirty, which is unavoidable. I will do my best to drop it.
The upper is especially dirty under the shoelace, and it is dull, so rub it with a brush. If it doesn't fall off, let's drop it with Utility Eraser .
All shoes tend to collect dull dirt under the shoelaces. If too much dust accumulates, it will enter the shoes as it is, and not only will it stain the inside of the sneakers, but it will also stain the socks.
It's best to solve everything as soon as possible, and it's not good to leave it alone.
I also try to consult early about mistakes in my work. (waterfall sweat)
Next, check the shoe laces.
This dark spot on the first step of the shoelace and the knot...
I wonder if it's some sort of stain that will rub off... Shall we go anyway?
After removing the laces like this, soak them in a cleaning solution with Cleaning Liquid , rub them and wash them. At this time, it is important to know in advance where the dirt is.
Let's soak the cleaning solution in the whole, rub it and wash it, and use the brush where it seems that it is not enough.
However, depending on the material, there are also shoe laces that you should be careful not to rub too much.
It is especially a soft oval shoelace (round cord) used for DUNK SB.
If you notice this, it will become a ball, and if it gets caught on something, it will become a stocking wire, making it even more sensitive when cleaning. Everyone please take care.
Let's take a look after cleaning the upper.
Even just rubbing it with a brush made it clean enough, but the black spots on the back of the shoe tongue still didn't come off, so I used the Utility Eraser to finish it off.
Here are the results.
It's so beautiful. Especially in the case of this sneaker, there is no decoration on the tongue, so it looks more smooth and beautiful.
I'm a little touched, Mr.
Let's take a look at it from the side, including the midsole.
The dirt on the midsole was thoroughly removed, and the cuteness of these slippery sneakers stood out. This is also the real pleasure of cleaning . You can restore the goodness of sneakers and wear them comfortably again!
Wearing beautiful sneakers will make you feel better all day long!
I would like the general public to enjoy this feeling as well.
Now let's go through the beautiful shoelaces.
I put the shoelaces through so that the left and right are not different, so it is the same place as you saw above. As you can see, I think I was able to reduce the blackheads as well.
However, in the image, it looks like the whiteness has been corrected, but the dark spots were not completely white.
Even so, it was worth the effort I put into rubbing my finger.
I'm writing this article thinking that it would be nice if cleaning services became more common among the general public in this way.
By the way, overseas, it is a common practice to throw sneakers in the washing machine to wash them. There seems to be a reason why I wear them indoors, but it's a firmly rooted habit.
Shall we move on to the next cleaning?
Thank you very much for using this time.
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