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We received an order for the Premium cleaning plan + SOLE PLUS construction.

Thanks to you, the online service of KicksWrap is gradually becoming popular. This time, among such online services, we received a request for a high-grade Premium plan and SOLE PLUS construction that protects the soles from dirt and scrapes.

▼What is SOLE PLUS?

In short, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a request that protects sneakers from 360 degrees and is full of sneaker care. Sneakers are also very happy.

Here's a sneaker that has it all.

Air Jordan 1 retro high "Travis Scott"It is a premium sneaker.

Overall, it's very clean, so I'd like you to pick up the points of dirt this time and see what it looks like after.

Let's start with the Premium plan . This will be a cleaning plan, so we will start by checking the condition without cleaning vaguely.

Overall it is very beautiful. However, the darkening of the midsole is a dirt that will stick to it no matter how important anyone wears it. It also comes with this.

This blackhead can be easily resolved with this product.

I really want to drop this...

And around the first step of the shoelace hall. It's also easy to get dirty here.

Everyone, please check your own sneakers.

Well, this is the last one to pick up this time, but this picture.

At first glance, this dirt is very hard to see.

Try guessing, it's thinking time.


Do you understand?

Actually, it hits the reverse swoosh, and the white leather is rubbed with denim and so on and turned black. I think it's hard to understand here, but if you look at the after that I'm going to show you, I think you'll understand.

Now, let's check each place where the cleaning blackheads have been removed.

First of all, from the darkening of the midsole. You can see that the dullness due to dirt has been removed and it is clearly clean.

You may have noticed that the impression of whether or not it is quite dirty changes greatly just by being clean here.

Next, let's take a look at the darkening around the shoelace hole.

It was refreshing. The dirt around this area is said to be the so-called "usability" from some neighborhoods. In today's sneaker scene, where the resale market is booming, these kinds of scratches and dirt can be a factor in lowering the value of sneakers.

At the end of the dirt section, I would like to look at the dirt on the swoosh I mentioned earlier.

how is it? I see a very nice white. This dirt builds up every day, so it's hard to notice when you look at it or wear it every day.

Dirt accumulates "unnoticed" in the same way that your child grows taller.

In this analogy, we at KicksWrap are uncle relatives, so we can see the growth of our nephew at a glance. Dirt is the same.

Finally, a brief introduction to SOLE PLUS.

It was a very beautiful outsole from the beginning. So, rub it firmly with a brush to remove oil, etc., and paste SOLE PLUS.

People often ask me, "If you put this on, it'll really stand out." To be honest, even if people see my sneakers on the street, they won't notice unless I declare it myself.

I've never been told that I have it on.

So if you are hesitant about the appearance, please try SOLE PLUS once. We look forward to your order.

That's why I introduced all the items that arrived this time. It was in a very beautiful state from the beginning, so please understand that it became a commentary on the point rather than the whole Before After.

I would like to introduce it on my blog like this, so if you are interested in what kind of online service it is, please check this blog.

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